Thursday, June 23, 2011

Campaign Night # 3

6 games of Legends of the Highs took place for our 3rd campaign night


The Campaign Map after 3 sessions and 8 rounds.

The Campaign Mission Track showing who won what missions and whats available

Couple of tough games for me, but losses were as painless as possible during the campaign phase, next time I have to defend the Prison New Providence!


  1. Hi, how do you plot movement around your campaign map? I have found the LOTHS campaign rules on the LOTHS yahoogroup site files, which talks about moving so many spaces per turn (determined by speed of your ship) but I havent figured out how many spaces as a grid overlay to apply to the map in terms of scale. For example how many squares between Jamaica and Hispaniola?

    I played about with the PC game Port Roayl 2, last night and my sloop sailed from Cartagena to Port Royal in about 2 days of real time...

    Grateful for any feedback mate

  2. Scott.

    We dont move around map as a 'turn move' or anything similar to mighty empires, etc. there are 64 missions total breaking down to 12 different scenarios (scenario = mission) spread over 20 locations on the map, players just pick missions they like to play 9and where they are) and we try to match them up best we can.
    Once a mission is played and someone has won it, its crossed off the mission table of available missions
    each person has a home port. once you win a majority of missions at a certain location you claim that position on the map.
    the numbers next to flags are bonus infamy earned through map conquests. there is no tracked ship movement, or map moves like other campaigns I've played the map is just creative way or dressing up your wins and losses. its very abstracted...after years of mighty empires...I think this group was up for a complicated campaign turn with movements
    we just wanted fast and easy..with some pirate flair...

  3. Thanks for the prompt feedback John, appreciated.