Thursday, December 16, 2010

Adepticon 2011 Event Rules

The following are the current version of the event rules for this event at Adepticon 2011

Basic Rules

• Legends of the High Seas Rule Book will be used for rules, crew building and scenarios.
• All players are expected to abide by the Adepticon Conduct Policy.
• The models used in your army must comply with the Adepticon Model Policy (all models MUST be WYSIWYG and painted to a 3-color minimum standard). Unpainted models will not be allowed in the tournament.
• Models may be from any miniature range, but must be pirate themed. Fantasy style pirates models are allowed at the discretion of the event organizer but must use standard crew rules..
• Standard base size for LotHS is the round 25mm base, if your models are based differently please email me.
• All Crew Lists must be submitted in advance at the latest date 2.15.2011 for organizer approval. Lists go to
• You must bring all the materials you need to play including dice, measuring devices, models and any rules that you need to use.
• All judges' decisions are final.

Crew Building Rules.

•You will construct a crew, either Pirate, Navy, or Privateer, with a starting bank of 200 coins.
• You may also give any one of your heroes ONE additional upgrade from the advancement chart on page 69 in the rulebook. This upgrade is free in addition to any starting stats or skills your Heroes have.
• You must choose an Archtype for your Captain per page 50 of the rulebook.
• Only Royal Navy Crews may choose the "Stern" Archtype
• The "Gentleman" Archtype provides +1 Free Replacement.
• Equipment Restrictions- Only one Blunderbuss per crew
• WYSIWYG- Pistols and Grenades do not have to be modeled, but Muskets, and the blunderbuss do,
• Hired Hands- may not initially be purchased for your starting crew, but will be an option later on, for rounds 2,3 and 4.

* Updated

• You will not be able to upgrade equipment on crew members individually
between games..this due to time and record keeping restraints. Newly purchase Heroes and Henchman bought between rounds are select by there cost. So you may outfit new crew as you please as long as they fit the allotted cost. There are 3 Items: purchasable by your Heroes, The Monkey, The Double Barrled Pistol and the Metal Cuirass(see reward system)


• All Scenarios come of from the basic rule book, however scoring and certain rules have been changed to fit the object of the Event and are solely at the Organizers discretion.


• In between rounds depending on your success/ failure in game , you will be able to replace dead crew members, add crew members and advance statistics of your Heroes. You will need to keep track of individual kills for your heroes in each game.

• You will use Infamy points awarded in each scenario as the "gold" for advancement,choosing from pre determined awards, equipment, replacements and advancement when you tally your rounds results sheet. The spent points have no effect on your total score, you keep all points earned. spent or unspent.

• Reward System (added 3/1/11) * Updated.

Reinforcements for the following round are purchased at the end of each round when your result sheet is totaled. The spent points are not subtracted from your running total but are abstractly traded out "gold" for new crew purchases. costs per upgrade are the following:

Henchman worth 11 points or less = 1 infamy point
Hero or Henchman worth 24 points of less = 2 infamy points
Hero or Henchman worth 25 or more = 3 Infamy points
The Monkey = 2 infamy points
Hired Hands= 4 Infamy Points
Hero roll on upgrade charts= 3 Infamy points
Double Barreled Pistol (Heroes Only) = 2 Infamy points
Metal Cuirass - (Heroes Only)= 2 Infamy Points

Roll on chart on page 69 With all Skills and upgrades on the chart available Please roll in front of your opponent and record the upgrade on results sheet.

Two skills have been changed to better reflect this event. The Savvy Skills "Merchant" and "Gambler" are changed for the event to: "Hero gets one free personal re-roll per match" with either of these skills, If you somehow managed get them both, the Hero would get two personal re=rolls anytime during each game.

Add a hired hand to your crew- 4 Points (there will be 1 of each to loan out, but you can of course provide your own appropriate model)

Choose either

The Swashbuckler
Bounty Hunter
Wanton Wench

Hired Hands require no retainer and are available to your crew for the remaining games in the event as long as they are not killed (routing is ok)You may have a maximum of TWO hired hands in your crew at anytime. IF any hired hand is killed in action, you must re-purchase him out of the rewards for the next game. They cannot be take as a free replacement.

* Updated

Hired hands do not gain experience in this event, The following skills and stats have been changed to better reflect their cost and veteran experience for the purposes of this event

The Swashbuckler add Skill- "Lighting Quick"
Bounty Hunter- Replace "found this man" with +1 Attack and "Handy with Pistols"
Wanton Wench- add Skill- "Dodge"
Buccaneer - add + 1 Strength.

• Mutiny rules- There are no mutiny checks between rounds

• Captain Deaths- For event purposes your Captain is immortal. However should your Captain fall in battle, he loses any gained advancements from the previous battles and begins the next game as you created him for the event.

• Henchmen Deaths- Dead Henchman are replaced for free at beginning of the round up to a total of Seven, over seven Henchman must be purchased from the following rounds rewards to be replaced for the next scenario. Privateer Crews in order to offset the having to start making Rout Checks at 1/3 instead of 1/2, may automatically replenish their crews to 8 models.

• Minor Hero Deaths- Minor Heroes killed in battle, must be re-purchased from the rounds potential rewards

• There will be several Hired Hands available to join your crew as rewards, they will not add to your infamy rating per the book.

• The monkey will be available as a reward. please bring a monkey figure with you if you want to use the monkey.

* Scoring- (updated)

• This is not a traditional tournament, in that all starting slots are pre determined. After extensive play testing instead of further complicating things by incorporating underdog rules. I will be matching round 2,3 and 4, by score and crew size as much as possible to keep things fair. Winning or losing doesn't necessarily effect whom your next opponent is. Your score is determined by how objective points you earn (win or lose) in each scenario which will determine how much infamy your crew has at the end of each scenario and the event.

Your Final Infamy is calculated on the basis of points earned in each scenario. This "score: is determined by total points earned from objectives completed during each scenario. Tie breaker will total number of Kills by your Heroes over the four game a second tie breaker will be bonus points acquired,if needed.


• Scourge of the Spanish Main (Highest Objective Points and Infamy, highest infamy is the tie breaker)
• The Butcher of the Spanish Main ( The Single Hero of any players crew whose amassed the most kills and survives the most games)
• Gentleman of the Spanish Main ( Player choosen Favorite Opponent)
• Toasts from Bartholomew Roberts ( Best Painted Crew, Organizer Judged)

• Questions about this event? please email John Humphrey at
Further Information regarding this event as well as useful downloads can be found at


• 4-5pm check in table assignments Game time is 1 hour 15 min. At the one hour mark the 15 min warning will be called.

5:00-6:15 game 1
6:30- 7:45 game 2
8-9:15 game 3
9:30-10:45 game 4
11:15 Awards