Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Round 4 Scenario

Thatch Island, 1719

Thatch Island, a small rocky island off the coast of Dutch controlled, St John. Broken ruins can be seen peaking out of the thick tropical growth that covers nearly every stretch of the entire island. There is one length of beach suitable for boat landing, but Jolly boats look to be able to approach the rocky shore from nearly any direction. The water around the island is shallow enough you won't want to get to close, as a sudden gale could push your ship on the nearby coral reef or onto the island rocks itself. This was Edward Teach's base of operations before he headed for the Carolina's and met his eventual end. If Blackbeard hid Henry Morgan's gold here, you know its well hidden and a trick or trap or two is an almost certainty.

Damn you villains, who are you? And from whence came you? Damnation seize my soul if I give your quarters, or take any from you.- Edward Teach, 1718


Arrival time via round 3 games

TURN 1.. any Table Edge

Winner of Scenario A

TURN 2.. any Table Edge

Loser of Scenario A Turn 2
Winner of Scenario D Turn 2

TURN 3.. Beach

Loser of Scenario D
Winner of Scenario B
Winner of Scenario C

Turn 4... Beach
Loser of Scenario B
Loser of Scenario C


Ye who maketh oft with Henry Morgans gold- The Campaign Winner

Scourge of the Spanish Main- The Crew with highest infamy rating at the end of the Campaign

The Butcher- The character with the most kills in the campaign.

yes, it's possible one person can win all three!

Round 3 Scenarios

Word has reached the ears of all who seek it by now, that Blackbeard's carribean hideout is one Thatch Island (coined by Teach after one of his many pseudonym) A small island on western edge of Dutch controlled St. John. The race is on to whom can get there first.

Small Island, east of Puerto Rico, 1719

Leading the way toward Thatch Island, you spot the flag of another ship moored near the shallows of an overgrown small island . You immediately determine this is one of your rivals who have stopped to find fresh water and quickly waylaying them here means you will reach Thatch Island first, you can almost taste the prize.

The mate was fixed by the bosun's pike,The bosun brained with a marlinspike,And cookey's throat was marked belike,It had been gripped by fingers ten;And there they lay, all good dead men, Like break o'day in a boozing ken ,Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Winner prison break vs Winner sack the town

Santa Domingo, Hispaniola, 1719

Bested by your enemies, adding insult to injury you find your enemies have scuttled your ship...fortunately there is a merchant galleon in the harbor ready to set sail..if you can just sneak on board and steal it. An alert member of your crew brings to your attention that there is another scuttled wreck in the harbor, You'd best take that ship quickly as you won't be alone

The skipper lay with his nob in gore, Where the scullion's axe his cheek had shore, And the scullion he was stabbed times four And there they lay, and the soggy skies Dripped down in up-staring eyes In murk sunset and foul sunrise, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Loser of Barfight VS Loser Sack the town

Santa Domingo, Hispaniola, 1719

Down on your luck, you take consolation in your recent failures by drowning them in rum, Your Captain has a last chance idea to get your ship to Thatch island and find Blackbeard haul before your Rivals do. However too much rum see's your 1st Mate smashing a bottle over someones head..twenty men jump up to brawl, can you make it out the tavern andto your ship before someone steals it or worse?

'Twas a cutlass swipe or an ounce of lead, Or a yawing hole in a battered head And the scuppers' glut with a rotting red, And there they lay, aye, damn my eyes, Looking up at paradise, All souls bound just contrawise, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Scenario C - BARFIGHT-
Loser of Prison break vs Loser clash of swords

San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1719

Thatch Island is close. A quick stop in San Juan leds to a night drunken reverly and the need for morning a run for "free supplies" before you set sail things get ugly when the people of San Juan and a Rival with same idea get involved all in broad daylight.

There was chest on chest of Spanish gold, With a ton of plate in the middle hold, And the cabins riot of stuff untold, And they lay there that took the plum With sightless glare and their lips struck dumb While we shared all by the rule of thumb, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Scenario D- SACK THE TOWN-
Winner of bar fight vs Winner clash of swords

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Round 2 Scenarios

Port Royal, Jamaica 1719

The Royal Navy's quest to hunt Pirate scum in the name of King George continues, leaving Santa Domingo they return to Port Royal, Jamaica with numerous Pirate prisoners in tow. These dogs will of course publicly hang after a short stay in the Port Royal stockade. The Navy crew is however forced to take charge of the prison due to an unforeseen manpower shortage guard these prisoners until a new Magistrate from England arrives and convicts the scoundrels and issues the warrants for their deaths. Rumors of Pirate crews coming to the rescue their comrades are well known, its a month until the new magistrate arrives and Stories of the Blackbeard's cache have reached your ears. Its well known that every Pirate crew in the Caribbean is on the hunt for it, where lies Blackbeard's treasure will surely be a gathering of Pirates and maybe something in it for yourselves...

"Do not shoot or skewer the pirate's unless you are left no other option, we can't hang them if they are already dead"


Defenders- The Royal Navy, Attackers -Loser of 1A,

must select 1 crew member to be "the Prisoner" this crew member knows the location of Blackbeard's Treasure.

Santa Domingo, Hispaniola 1719.

Despite its trade prevalence this Spanish port has been a hotbed of Pirate activity lately numerous pirate crews have been seen setting sail to the east but that's after forcing themselves on local populace for coin, women and supplies. The Governor has issued several letters of Marque against the scoundrels in a effort to keep the Pirates at bay and help protect the town. As the former hunted become the hunters they themselves must be wary about the damage they too inflict. Kill or capture the Pirates but keep civilians alive, protect the goods..a tall order for a former Pirate with nothing but a sheet of paper as evidence of his changing ways.

It is when pirates count their booty that they become mere thieves.”


Defenders- Spanish Privateers, attackers, winners of 1D

Santa Domingo, Hispaniola 1719.

A sea port tavern is the home away from home of every sailing ship crew, It was here that ablemen , women and boys were press ganged into service after one too many pints of ale at the bar. A melting pot of Pirates, Privateers, legitimate sailors, prostitutes, locals, nothing stirs that pot like rival pirate crews all looking for Blackbeard's hidden plunder, that or the Royal Navy showing up looking to make arrests.

"No boy or woman to be allowed amongst the crew. If any man were to be found seducing any of the latter sex, and carried her to sea, disguised, he was to suffer death"

Scenario- BARFIGHT

1D loser vs 1B Pirate player

San Juan, Puerto Rico 1719

Traveling to San Juan, word of the location of Blackbeard's hide out has reached you ears. A rival crew has also come to port rumored to have the same information. The perfect opportunity to eliminate the competition, Pirate Blood must flow in the streets of San Juan tonight.

"That Man shall not keep his Arms clean, fit for an Engagement, or neglect his Business, shall be cut off from his Share, and suffer such other Punishment as the Captain and the Company shall think fit"


Loser of 1A vs 1C Pirate player

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Round 1 Scenarios

Here are the sample vignettes that will be the backdrop for the Round 1 scenario sheets, with the exception of the Royal Navy player the other players will be assigned slots randomly..note historical accuracy has been fudged somewhat for gamesmanship!

Port Royal, Jamaica 1719

If there ever was a "pirate town" it would be Port Royal, its primary residents are Pirates, cutthroats and prostitutes. With a large harbor, quick access to trade routs, and a government that turned to Pirates to defend the city, Crews used to operate with impunity here. That was then, this now in 1719 Port Royal calls itself "reformed", The Royal Navy has a strong presence here and Gallows Point awaits those convicted of Piracy. Slavery is still the key business here, and skillful Pirates operating under the guise of Slavers have ample cover to almost unlimited nefarious activity, just don't get caught. Israel Hands has come to Port Royal. Shot in the leg and gimped by Blackbeard, He was pardoned by the British for testifying against corrupt politicians in North Carolina. Hands claims he has given up the life and has come to Port Royal to sell off the location of Henry Morgans gold that Blackbeard hid some 10 months ago. Hands hopes to gather up a large nest egg and then gain passage back to England. Many are interested in what he has to say and at what price the information comes. Your crew comes to a local tavern to meet Hands and see what he's selling however a rival crew has beat you there with either a better offer or to just beat the knowledge out of him..either way it's a fight, and one which gold is the prize.

Scenario A: BAR FIGHT

"Wine and women drained their wealth to such a degree that… some of them became reduced to beggary. They have been known to spend 2 or 3,000 pieces of eight in one night; and one gave a strumpet 500 to see her naked. They used to buy a pipe of wine, place it in the street, and oblige everyone that passed to drink"

Castillo de San Cristóbal- San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1719

The small redoubt on the north side of San Juan will eventually become the huge complex known as Castillo de San Cristóbal, right now to your crew its known as San Juan Prison. Held by the Spanish, Pirate crews who prey on the English and French are given the wink and nod..The Spanish officials in San Juan are as corrupt and unscrupulous as the Pirates themselves. A man by the name of Richards sits in San Juan prison and claims to traveled to the Caribbean with Israel Hands after Blackbeards death, how he ended up in San Juan Prison is unknown but rumor has it he has information which leads to the location of Blackbeard's stache. After bribing the prison guards your crew moves in to secure the prisoner but encounter a rival crew with similar ideas..the fight is on, to grab Richards and get out of San Juan before your rivals do or the Spanish change their minds!


"Many Puerto Ricans also became Spanish privateers that operated against the British, French and Dutch possessions in the area, Despite this at times formal, at times informal, conflict, contraband proved to be a crucial element of the local economy, as was common in many peripheral areas of Spanish America."

Santa Domingo, Hispanola 1719.

England and Spain are at an uneasy peace..resentment is strong and the Royal Navys' presence in Santa Domingo is less the welcome. However on its mission out of Port Royal to capture Pirates the local government can say little in opposition to British requests due to several large galleons en route to Spain being captured just east of port quite recently. Pirates crews have blended into Port keeping a low profile but rumors are spreading about a Pirate raid to steal supplies going on this evening. A grand opportunity to accomplish one's mission and leave town for a more friendly port


"England expects that every man will do his duty."

Tortuga, Hispanola 1719

Again Tortuga was once similar to Port Royal as a Pirate base and a full fledged thriving Pirate community. ( it was here that Henry Morgan gathered his crews that plundered Panama and its Spanish gold.) In recent years the Island has just as similarly attempted to remake itself. However these remakes are the works of politicians in France and Spain and offer little practical use to the small island. While blood doesn't run in streets, Tortuga is still a hot bed for Privateers and Pirates alike, many operating out of small coves or under disguise in Port. A large shipment from France has just arrived in Tortuga along with a French agent carrying several Letters of Marque for some former colleagues who have chosen to hunt as Privateers rather than be hunted. These goods are ripe for the picking and will go long in funding your exploits, but no doubt many your former comrades have the same idea.


"Quarrels between several Brothers whilst aboard ye ship shall be settled ashore with pistol and sword. He that draws first blood shall be the victor. No striking another whilst aboard ye ship."

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Campaign begins!

January 1719- Blackbeard is dead!, surviving members of his crew have made their way back to Port Royal and news of Edward Teach's demise has spread like wildfire as the most infamous of all pirates is now dead. The age of piracy is waning and your crews have heard rumor of a chance for one last score. Apparently Teach had come into possession of Edward Morgan's famed Spanish plunder of some 25 years ago and it sits unguarded at Blackbeard's Caribbean base of operations, somewhere on a small island east of Puerto Rico.
It's there for taking but can you get to it before your rivals or The British Royal Navy stops you! It's the treasure or gallows so you've got nothing to lose. The race for Spanish gold is on!.