Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Campaign Night # 1

Campaign Map

Campaign Mission Tracker

The 1st 3 Round results are in the full leader board will be posted as soon as I have everyone'ss details

Games results are

Dont forget to check the new LotHs Photo Gallery to the right, over 125 Photos! and more coming!


  1. This is looking promising. Please keep this blog informed with the next rounds and congrats for this project!

  2. I like the look of this too. I'd be grateful to know where the campaign map came from? Looks just like what I am after for a trying a similar campaign myself.

  3. Thanks guys, if you hit the plastic legions forums there is alot more info on the campaign.@ Scott I recently found your blog, Given your love of Pirates too, email me and I'll send you the map or at least link you too itm its quite large..its not readily available for free, anyway.

  4. Thanks, you can email the file to me at: scottbowman AT xtra DOT co DOT nz. Sorry to be cryptic but it helps stop spam! Cheers